Yourgaff's Survival Guide: Freshers Week

Author- Olivia Rannard

Are you getting ready for a new and exciting chapter at University? Freshers week is fast approaching, and whether you’re nervous or raring to go, we’ve got your back with some essential tips on surviving and thriving during Freshers week…and beyond!

1. Get Unpacked Early: First things first, make sure you get settled in to your new place early. You'll thank yourself later when the whirlwind of activities and opportunities to socialise kicks in…the last thing you want is to be hunting for your toothbrush when getting ready for a jam-packed week! Unpacking early  also gives you the chance to figure out what you might have forgotten whilst giving you an idea of what you want to fill the rest of your space with.

2. Don't Be Afraid to Introduce Yourself: It's time to break the ice! Leave your door open while unpacking; it'sa friendly gesture that invites your flatmates to come and say hi. Worried about that awkward silence when it’s time to mingle in the communal area? We suggest bringing a deck of cards with you! They’re super cheap and there’s so many different games you can play with them, (a really versatile icebreaker).Playing games is a great way to mingle with your peers one on one or in a big group!

3. Take Advantage of Welcome Week -Freshers Fair/Sports and Societies Fair: Freshers Fair, also known as the Welcome Fair, is your golden ticket to some amazing freebies and fantastic opportunities. Expect plenty of goodies and lots of mingling with your fellow freshers on 22nd September at Exton Park campus. Whether you’re a mature student or a chip enthusiast, the Sports and Societies Fair is a prime opportunity to join a sports team or a society…there’s something for everyone! Get yourself down to Exton Park on the 20th September to find the right society for you.

4. Be Sensible with Money: Money management is key during freshers week, but also throughout the duration of your university experience and in general life. You've got to make that student loan stretch, right? With new responsibilities and more freedom, it’s easy to get carried away. To help enhance your income, consider looking into part-time jobs in Chester… the city has so many job opportunities that you can work alongside your studies, and extra cash always comes in handy!

5. Get to Know Your New City: Chester has so much to offer. Explore the city by enjoying a quiet stroll along the famously historic City Walls (always best on a sunny day!). There’s so many historical landmarks spread throughout the city, such as the Roman Amphitheatre, Chester Cathedral, and the Eastgate clock just to name a few.

7. Don't Ignore the Sober Events: Freshers Week isn't all about parties and pub crawls. There are plenty of events that aren’t associated with drinking to enjoy, like the SU Vintage Fair, the SU outdoor cinema event and the Sports and Societies Fair

8. Take a Break: FOMO can be real during Freshers Week, but it's okay to say no sometimes. Don't overdo it! Take some time to relax and recharge…there will be plenty of events running throughout the entire university year.


So there you have it, your survival guide to Freshers Week! Embrace the excitement, make lifelong friends, and create unforgettable memories. Enjoy every moment, and don't forget to stay safe and look out for each other. Here’s to the start of an incredible journey!

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