Why Landlords Should Consider Offering a ‘Bills-included’ Approach to Renting.

In today's competitive rental market, we are constantly trying to advise our landlords on the best ways to attract and retain tenants. Happy tenants means happy landlords, right? We’ve been doing some market research into what students and young professionals in today’s rental market want most and the same response has come up time and time again - bills included! Here’s why we think landlords should consider it…

1. Simplified Billing Process: By including the cost of bills into the rent, landlords can simplify the payment process for renters. Tenants appreciate the convenience of a single payment covering all living expenses, including utilities, council tax, and other recurring charges. Renting a property with bills included can be a significant advantage for busy professionals and students.

2. Predictable Expenses: All-inclusive rent provides tenants with predictability in their monthly outgoings. This is particularly appealing to those on a strict budget as knowing the total monthly cost upfront helps tenants manage their finances better, reducing the likelihood of missed or late payments.

3. Enhanced Appeal: Properties with all bills included often stand out in the rental market, giving landlords an extra edge in a competitive field. This can be a unique selling point, particularly when marketing towards students and young professionals, attracting a broader range of potential tenants.

4. Increased Rental Stability: Offering all-inclusive rent can lead to longer tenancy periods. Tenants who value the convenience and financial predictability are more likely to renew their tenancies, leading to lower turnover rates and reduced vacancy periods.

5. Energy Efficiency Incentives: Given the recent soar in energy costs, we understand why landlords may be sceptical about offering an all-inclusive rent. However, landlords can encourage energy-efficient practices by setting a fair usage policy. This approach promotes responsible utility usage, reducing wastage and potentially lowering utility costs over time.

Including all bills in the cost of rent can be a win-win for both landlords and tenants, and it could be the reason why a tenant chooses to rent your property as opposed to a competitors! Thinking of offering an ‘all bills included’ rental agreement and need some guidance? Get in touch today by emailing hello@yourgaff.co.uk and we’ll advise you on the best way to approach this!

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