The Ultimate Mixologist Challenge of Chester: Barbie vs Oppenheimer cocktails

With the recent release of both the Barbie and Oppenheimer movies, the team at Yourgaff decided to set the local bars of Chester a challenge to test their creativity and innovation. We put 4 bartenders on the spot by asking them to create a Barbie and Oppenheimer themed cocktail that had to be both visually pleasing and a treat to our tastebuds. Palm, Shrub, Pars Kahve, and The Love Shack accepted the challenge and created some amazing concoctions that looked and tasted even better than we could have imagined…

The first place that popped into our head when setting this challenge was of course, Palm…if you don’t already know, the decor SCREAMS Barbie with it’s bright pink theme featured both inside and outside of the venue. Their Barbie themed cocktail lived up to our expectations with it’s bubblegum pink flavour and colour, garnished with a cloud of pink candy floss. We were also blown away by the Oppenheimer drink we were presented with (pardon the pun), as the short boozy cocktail was set alight and sprinkled with coffee mate that made it spark - an impressive effort on both counts at Palm!

Palm Cocktail Bar and Eatery, 31 Watergate Street, Chester

Next we decided to try somewhere totally different and headed to Pars Kahve, a Turkish kitchen situated on the historic rows of Watergate street. They serve brunch, light lunch, late night Mezze and cocktails! Here, we were invited to enjoy our drinks al fresco on the ‘çay bahce’ terrace, which was layered with traditional Turkish kilm cushions and complemented with a gorgeous view of Watergate Street below. The decor both inside and out was relaxed, cosy and authentic - a perfect setting for a date night! Luckily for us, Pars Kahve already had a Barbie themed drink on their cocktail menu - a refreshing blend of rosemary, pomegranate and gin! We’d highly recommend a visit so that you can try it too, and maybe give their traditional mezze a try whilst you’re there!

Pars Kahve, 5-7 Watergate Row South, Chester

Shrub was our next port of call, a vegetarian and vegan restaurant that our property manager Emma raves about! The food here definitely caught our attention as a tray of beautifully presented and sensationally smelling dishes were brought out from the kitchen…it was hard to focus on the challenge at hand! We were quickly snapped back on track as we were treated to what can only be described as an impressive mixologist show from the bartender Sammy who welcomed the challenge with open arms. Although this wasn’t a competition, we definitely witnessed the best cocktail-shaking at Shrub! Sammy did such a great job of encapsulating both the Barbie and Oppenheimer movies in two classy, yet sassy drinks. We’ll definitely be returning to try the existing cocktails on their menu and give their food a taste!

Shrub, 1-3 Eastgate Row, Chester

Our last stop of the day was The Love Shack on Cuppin Street. With their fun tiki themed decor and cocktail list filled with whimsical and wild drinks, we knew this was the perfect place for the challenge. Adam, our bartender, instantly got into the Barbenheimer mindset by changing up the bar’s usual 90’s R&B playlist to music from both the Barbie and Oppenheimer soundtracks. The Oppenheimer drink was an explosion of booze and crushed ice whilst the Barbie cocktail was the boldest, brightest pink coloured drink of the day! Adam’s creations were definitely a reflection of the fun, vibrant atmosphere of The Love Shack. It’s the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for a wild night with great music, good vibes and a a wild selection of ‘tiki cheeki’ cocktails!

The Love Shack, 14 Cuppin Street, Chester

The Barbie vs. Oppenheimer cocktail challenge was a resounding success, proving that the bars of Chester always make room for creativity and are up for a challenge! So the next time you find yourself in Chester’s city centre, don't miss the chance to visit the world of mixology - and who knows, you might just discover your new favorite drink!

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