Keeping Your Gaff Mould-Free This Winter

Are you a student living in a shared house? Now so more than ever with the Winter creeping in, keeping your space clean and mould-free is important. The key is prevention! We've got some easy tips to help you and your housemates prevent and combat mould in your student home.

  1. Let the Air Flow: Proper ventilation is key! When you're cooking or taking a shower, use exhaust/extractor fans and crack open windows to let moisture escape. You should also open the window in your bedroom for at least an hour each day…we know its chilly but even opening it a crack can massively improve the airflow in your room. Fresh air can make a big difference!
  2. Tackle Humidity: High humidity can be a mould magnet. Not sure how you can spot this? Just take a look at your windows - if they are often full of condensation, then theres a good chance the humidity in the room is high! Invest in a dehumidifier for those damp areas. It's a small device that can make a big impact. The disposable dehumidifiers can be just as effective as the electric ones so theres no need to spend a fortune.
  3. Keep your Property Heated: We understand that the cost of utilities has skyrocketed over the past year, but having the heating on for just a couple of hours each morning and evening can be a massive help in reducing the formation of condensation whilst also helping to keep you warm during the colder months. Condensation appears when moisture in the air meets a cold surface e.g. a window or external wall. We recommend heating your property for two hours in the early morning and a further two hours during the evening.
  4. Move Furniture Away from External Walls: When free-standing furniture such as wardrobes and chest of drawers are pressed up against an external wall in the colder months, it creates the perfect environment for mould to form which could ruin your clothes and property. The lack of air flow against a cold wall will cause condensation which will eventually turn into mould. Ensure there is a gap between your external walls and all free standing furniture to prevent this.
  5. Be Careful When Drying Clothes: You should always ensure proper ventilation when drying your clothes, whether that be via tumble dryer or clothes airer. The moisture from your wet garments can find it’s way to a cold wall, causing condensation which as we know by now, could turn into mould. It’s important that your crack open a window whenever you are drying clothes in an attempt to avoid this.
  6. If Mould does Appear - ACT FAST: If you do spot mould in your bathroom, bedroom or anywhere in your property for that matter, it’s important to act quickly to remove it. You can purchase mould spray from most supermarkets and bargain stores (like B&M, Home Bargains etc) and they are often really effective! Spray the area and wipe it down with a clean cloth which you should then dispose of, open a window for some ventilation and ask yourself what the potential cause may have been. Monitor this area closely for the next couple of day and ensure you are following the above steps after removal. If the issue persists, this is when you should contact your accommodation provider to investigate whether there is a deeper problem.

A mould-free home is a happy home. By following these easy tips, you'll ensure that your student house is a healthy and cosy place to live. For more tips, check out the following link for guidance from the Cheshire West and Chester City council:

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