Five Festive Activities to Enjoy in Chester this December

As December rolls in, the festive season lights up the streets and tempts our social calendars in Chester. It's hard to believe it's already that time of year, but here we are, with Christmas just around the corner! If you've been caught off guard by the festive season and haven’t had the chance to immerse yourself in the local Christmas festivities, don’t worry. Here’s a list of five festive activities that you can enjoy in Chester to make your December unforgettable.

  1. Chester Christmas Markets: Let's begin with the quintessential festive experience - the Chester Christmas Markets. As you stroll through the vibrant stalls, the air is filled with the aroma of mulled wine, hog roast an Christmas candles. The market is a treasure trove of festive gifts, handmade crafts, and tasty treats. It’s a perfect place to gather with friends and family, soak in the festive atmosphere, and perhaps find some unique Christmas presents.
  2. Christmas Wreath Making at Purely Pots: For those who want to get creative this December, the Christmas Wreath Making workshop at Purely Pots in the New Chester Market is a must. It’s a wonderful way to unleash your creativity while crafting a beautiful, personalised wreath that you can keep for yourself or gift to a friend/family member for Christmas. Sip away on a warming mulled wine courtesy of the market’s Lockwood & co whilst the florists show you step-by-step how to craft your Christmas wreath.
  3. Christmas Decoration Workshop at Glass Deva: Add a unique touch to your Christmas tree this year by creating your own decorations at the Glass Deva workshop. This workshop is a fantastic opportunity to learn the art of glass decoration. Your handmade ornaments will not only upgrade your tree but also serve as a special reminder of a lovely day spent in Chester.
  4. Christmas Tree Festival at Chester Cathedral: The annual Christmas Tree Festival at Chester Cathedral is back again and it’s a visual spectacle not to be missed. Walk among beautifully decorated trees, locally sourced from Backford Christmas Tree Farm, each decorated with the theme of sustainability. This festival brings together the community in a celebration of creativity and Christmas spirit.
  5. Watch a Christmas Movie at Picturehouse Cinema: Have you visited Chester’s brand new cinema Picturehouse yet? What better excuse to visit than to watch a Christmas movie? There’s nothing like a heartwarming Christmas film to get you into the festive spirit. Grab some popcorn, settle into the cosy seats, and let the magic of the movies get you into the festive mood!

From the magic of the Christmas markets to creative workshops and nostalgic Christmas movies, Chester offers a variety of activities to make your December this year one to remember. Embrace the festive cheer and make the most of this enchanting time of year in Chester.

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