Essentials for Students in Chester

As a student, I know the idea of up and moving to another city can be really daunting. New room, new people, new place. It can be a stressful time! However, I've learned in my two years at the University that Chester provides all the opportunities and places to make that transition that little bit easier. Hopefully, with my advice, you will come to love this city as much as all of us at Yourgaff do, maybe even more!

Head down to Storyhouse!

To start, let’s talk about Storyhouse! Storyhouse is the perfect place for students located in Chester city center, its incorporation of the library, theatre, cinema, and restaurant provides the perfect creative social space to study with friends, get assignments completed before the deadlines or just relax and wind down (most likely when you are procrastinating said assignments).

I found Storyhouse to be a saving grace (quite literally) when moving to Chester as it provided the space to meet new people and crack down on studying when necessary. One aspect that I particularly love is the young person membership. This is a free membership available to those aged 16 – 25and allows you to get £5 cinema tickets, 15% off food and drink, and free tea and coffee.

As someone who runs off coffee, this was a major help forgetting me through some of the bigger assignments towards the end of the year, and all at no cost whatsoever. So, if you are new to Chester or simply haven't been down to Storyhouse, get down there and sign up!

Go join the Gym!

I have to admit that when you get to university, joining the gym may not be the first thing on your mind. However, Chester's plethora of gyms provides the perfect place to get a sweat on and meet tons of other students. Personally, the gym has been a place for me to clear the brain fog after a long day on campus and get a boost of endorphins to finish the day on a good note. So, if this sounds like something you need, get joining today!

As a student in Chester, you are spoilt for choice with the number of gyms you have available to you!

The campus gym at Exton Park provides the best facilities, programmes, activities, and challenges for pursuing an active lifestyle. Whether you want to go for an evening swim in the pool or attend a class in the spin studio, there is an activity for anyone and everyone.

If this gym isn't for you, then don't worry! Other options such as the Gym group are available and only a short walk from the city center. The Gym Group offers a student discount for 6, 9 and 12-month plans starting at£119 because as they put it 'University is expensive'. With this offer, you will have access to their facilities 24/7, be able to attend unlimited free classes, and have the use of their great range of quality equipment.

Overall, keeping fit in Chester is flexible, fun, and affordable so make sure to get involved.

Explore the city!

If you want to feel at home in Chester, there’s no better way than to stroll into town and explore the sites. Although it's not the largest, Chester is a city that is jam-packed with history and eateries (Two of my favourite things!). The picturesque city is full of nooks and crannies to be discovered, whether that be a walk back in time through the Roman gardens, or along the rows into one of the many locally-owned cafés and bars. The majority of these eateries offer affordable weekday deals or student discounts, so make sure to keep an eye out and make the most of them.

For me, I frequently visit 200 Degrees and Caffè Nero as they offer an amazing student discount, meaning I can get my daily coffee fix whilst saving some pennies. As a massive fan of Italian cuisine, I have often opted to dine at Urbano 32 and made use of their 2-4-1pizza deal on a Thursday. With each pizza sporting delicious toppings and funky names (My personal favourite being the ‘The new Porker’), you’ll be spoilt for choice and want to come back each week.

Overall, it doesn’t have to be so scary! Hopefully, these tips can give you a head start and aid in a smooth transition into Chester's student lifestyle.


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