Breaking the Ice: Tips on making friends at University

Author- Olivia Rannard

So, you’ve just moved in to your student accommodation and you’re set to embark on an exciting journey in the world of higher education! Whether you’re in shared accommodation or in a studio, one things for sure: making friends is a great addition to your uni experience. Here are some ways you can break the ice and build friendships at university that could last a lifetime.


1.     Be Approachable

It might be nerve-racking to attend a new place where you don’t know anyone, but don’t be afraid to flash a smile and spark a conversation with someone new! I’m sure the people you approach will be thankful for an interaction with someone too -everybody is in the same boat after all, a simple “hey” can go a long way!

2.     Attend social events

Keep an eye out for social events happening in Chester. The University of Chester offer a lineup of events for throughout the year, ran by the SU. SU Fridays are back…a night out on campus offering students cheap drinks and a high energy atmosphere. Not every event has to involve drinks and music though. For a more relaxed time, you may want to socialise over a life drawing session on UOC’s creative campus (held on the 28th September). Social events are a great way of making friends, think of something interesting to ask people when you get there…you may have more in common than you realise! Chester also has lots of student nights ran by popular bars and clubs. Fatsoma is the best app for students to keep up with events in their city.  If you do decide to attend these events, just remember…DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

3.     Everybody loves a game

If you find yourself at a dead end with breaking the ice or you’re finding the small talk a little mundane, games are always a good way to add some excitement! A deck of cards could turn out to be your best friend as the games you can play with them are so varied. Dont have a deck of cards? There’s loads of games where you only need you, at least one other player (though I would suggest a group of people) and your imagination. A student favourite is ‘Two truths, one lie’ - a great way for people get to know you…and your sense of humour!

4.     Keep in contact

In today's digital age, social media is a valuable tool for connecting with fellow students. Universities often have Instagram pages and Facebook groups for you to join and there’s usually groups for specific courses, accommodation and interests. Don’t be afraid to join these groups, ask questions, and engage in discussions. They’re an excellent way to break the ice before you even step foot on campus. When you do meet people in person, don’t shy away from asking for their socials. It’s always nice to have contacts!

5.     Most importantly, stay true to yourself…

Lastly, but arguably most importantly, remember to be yourself. It’s easier to maintain lifelong friendships when you’re genuine, and true friends will appreciate who you really are.  

Remember that this is an exciting time in your life, full of opportunities to meet amazing people who can become your lifelong friends. Embrace it, enjoy it, and have a blast making memories together!

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